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Lonewolf provides a range of coaching, consulting and contracting services to help you reduce your overspending on aging and unreliable equipment. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions—we’re transformational, not transactional. However you engage us to assist your company, we guarantee results.

How we can help


We offer training courses that help improve your operations and achieve your objectives.


When you’re not sure what you need, we’ll provide assessment, create a solution, and guide you through it.


A boost of horsepower for your staff on a temporary basis or by project.

Areas of Expertise







Uncover the cause or establish a baseline to measure performance with our objective assessments and recommendations.

When the performance of your operation, equipment, or accounting is in question and the underlying causes are not clear, it’s time to delve deeper. Lonewolf Consulting will conduct an independent assessment to provide the answers you need.

Our in-depth assessments focus on uncovering the root issues, identifying potential risks, and areas of improvement, as well as discovering opportunities for growth in your department and organization. We offer the following range of assessments:

  • Operational effectiveness
  • Maintenance systems
  • Project or equipment accounting
  • Workplace / cultural / engagement

We carefully package and present our findings in a recommendations report, empowering you to initiate the changes necessary to achieve lasting results. Once the assessment is complete, we are equipped to execute the proposed actions for you or to provide guidance and support to your team as they navigate the changes.

Whether you’re looking to improve your bottom line, enhance employee engagement, or simply optimize your accounting, equipment, and operations for better performance, Lonewolf Consulting has the solutions you need.

Digital Transformation

Supporting the shift to a digital-first world with experience and strategies that navigate through the costly do’s and dont’s of ERPs and other technologies.

At Lonewolf Consulting we help organizations transition to a digital-first world. By implementing our strategies, businesses are poised to take advantage of proven technologies or pursue the latest industry trends. We help organizations leverage these tools to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.

We recommend and apply solutions with proven results, gained from decades of experience across multiple industries and software platforms. By recognizing the challenges that shifting to digital brings, we know when to configure vs. customize, how to modify the process, when to build in vs. bolt-on, and even why vertical integration matters to your business.

We offer a range of services for your digital transformation project including:

  • ERP support incl. integration, migration, user training, and optimization
  • Business process design and documentation
  • Communication, training, and change management
  • Digital tools & documentation

We strive to be a partner in your digital transformation journey. By working with us we guarantee your company will simplify and transform its business while avoiding the costly mistakes most often made by other organizations.

Change management

People-focused change management tailored to your specific situation, needs, and goals.

Change can be difficult but necessary for organizations to grow and evolve. At Lonewolf Consulting, we understand the key to successful change is focusing on the people involved. That’s why we believe in a human-centric approach to change management.

We take a tailored approach to organizational change by first gaining a thorough understanding of your business’s specific needs, culture, and employees. By creating an implementation plan that carefully considers the impacts on your people, we then guide, translate, and support the transition to ensure the successful adoption of the new systems and processes. We offer a variety of change management services including:

  • Design or refinement of processes, programs, or systems
  • Implementation assistance including collaborative group sessions
  • Project management and tracking including milestone setting
  • Communication, training, and 1:1 support
  • Reorganization and restructuring support
  • Strategic planning and business strategy

By putting people first, organizations can achieve successful and sustainable change that aligns with their unique needs and objectives. Lonewolf Consulting can show you how.

Digital tools & documentation

Simplify data, improve analysis, and boost business performance.

Lonewolf Consulting’s digital tools and documentation are designed to provide clients with precisely what they need when they need it. While all companies can benefit from documentation and digital tools, not all companies need the same things.

Our comprehensive library is specifically tailored to advance the management and integration of mobile equipment fleets within an organization.

  • Digital Tools – Our downloadable analysis aids, spreadsheets, and problem-solving tools are designed to save time and effort crunching numbers to make those important business decisions.
  • Documentation – Our comprehensive suite of documentation is proven to improve accountability while strategically interconnecting the maintenance, fleet/equipment, operations, and finance departments.

No need to spend your precious time and effort creating spreadsheets or drafting procedures and policies when you can access our diverse industry experience and expertise to write them for you.



Improve your bidding and cost controls to win more work.

Lonewolf Consulting’s estimating tools are designed to provide clients with precisely the level of detail they need when they need it. While all companies can benefit from improved estimating accuracy, we know it comes with a diminishing return on value to the bottom line and that’s why we choose to layer in only the best tools and practices.

Our services include:

  • Labour, equipment & rental rate build-ups
  • Cost breakdown structures (CBS)
  • Means & methods optimization
  • Estimating models without complicated software
  • Bid & tender package design & support

When your market is competitive and your numbers are tight – let us show you how to ‘sharpen your pencil’ and get your bid noticed!

Tracking & Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your field operations and your equipment to maximize profit!

Want to improve the consistency in your field operations? Ready to revolutionize how you track and optimize your equipment operations? At Lonewolf we achieve nothing short of operational excellence. 

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Production tracking & optimization
  • Utilization analysis
  • Vendor & subcontract management
  • Safety & quality management
  • Cost coding & controls

We refocus your operation on what matters for your bottom-line while supporting your people to transition to new and improved ways of working together.

Contract management

Elevate your contract management with our guidance and tools.

Are you ready to transform the way you write or manage contracts? At Lonewolf we are not just a service, we are your partners in contract excellence. We harness the value and power of the contract to mitigate risk and improve the reward potential.

Our support includes:

  • Contract review & revision
  • Compliance & risk management
  • Rate escalation frameworks
  • Vendor & subcontractor prequal & management
  • LEM tools & tracking for field
  • Change notice & change order support

Discover the difference with our comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your contract management journey.


Fleet & Equipment Standards

Achieve fleet standardization and lower OEM reliance with programs designed to save time and produce repeatable results.

Lonewolf Consulting offers comprehensive solutions for clients looking to spec, standardize, categorize, and organize their fleets. Through our support, you will no longer need to use manufacturer, make, or models to differentiate your fleet, or rely on OEMs for critical parts supply. Our services include:

  • Specification writing
  • Commissioning reports
  • Warranty programs
  • Standard operating procedures and repair instructions
  • Quality assurance and quality control programs
  • KPIs and metrics

Look no further than Lonewolf Consulting to supply the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to ensure your fleet and equipment are at the highest industry standards to outperform the competition.

Maintenance Systems

Kick-start, update or expand your maintenance programs with means & methods proven to keep your equipment working.

At Lonewolf we know that every maintenance event is a cost event and to keep your equipment from breaking the bank you need an effective maintenance program that is appropriately sized to your business. 

Even the best processes only run as smoothly as the systems and people facilitating them, that’s why Lonewolf offers a variety of services to kick-start, expand or right-size maintenance practices to fit your business.    

With the primary focus of keeping your equipment working, we can perform a system audit to pinpoint and remove inefficiencies, apply user training or even insert ‘turn-key’ preventive maintenance programs.

Once you have a solid foundation we help to layer in advanced solutions such as condition-based monitoring programs, component replacement, optimizing and extending asset lifecycles while reducing overall maintenance costs. 

Our expertise has been proven across multiple industries with means and methods to move you from reactive to preventive to proactive maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Commercial & Light Vehicles

Expert guidance to design or improve fleet programs that deliver cost-effective and work-ready vehicles.

Lonewolf Consulting knows the importance of having equipment that is fit for purpose, spec’d, and ready to work in the field.

Our people have decades of experience in purchasing, selling, and managing some of the largest fleets across Canada and the US. We know how to spec, option, order, and upfit your fleet in ways to best meet operational needs as well as remarket to maximize the resale value and minimize the total cost of ownership. Our services include:

  • Developing fleet strategies
  • Providing ‘work ready’ vehicles to operations
  • Buy direct from manufacturers
  • Competitive procurement processes
  • Identifying cost savings on commercial & light fleet

Our services are designed to save you time and money by standardizing and simplifying your fleet programs. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established program, Lonewolf is ready to provide tailored solutions for all your commercial and light vehicle needs.



Improve bidding, financials & profitability by knowing your costs with our comprehensive rates program for equipment & operations.

Lonewolf Consulting’s rates program is an all-encompassing solution to understand and accurately calculate the costs associated with your equipment and operations, resulting in better decision-making capabilities.

Rates are our area of expertise. We guarantee that by using our proven methods, you will see an improvement in your bidding process, financial reporting, and profitability – we know because major companies that now generate over $1B in revenue annually use our approach. Our program uses scientific principles and methods to evaluate and quantify various aspects of your business enabling you to gain greater cost awareness and budget control. Our specialties include:

  • Equipment & labour rate development
  • Rate models including lifecycle and major component build-ups
  • Rate escalations supported with market indexes
  • Repair / replace decisions
  • Sweet spot calculations
  • Transfer pricing methodologies

By using our robust rate and cost engineering methods, you will make more informed decisions, reduce risk, and increase your profitability in measurable ways—guaranteed!

Equipment Accounting

Streamline accounting, asset management, and rate structures using means, methods and tools that improve financial reporting of equipment.

Lonewolf Consulting offers equipment accounting services tailored to bridge the gap between the field and your financial statements.

We specialize in streamlining your accounting, asset management, and rate structures to improve communication and alignment throughout your organization. Our proven methods have been successful in getting all members of your team to speak the same language. Some of our solutions include:

  • Business cases for capital investment (incl. NPV, DCF, ROI, ROCE)
  • Capital expenditure programs including plan and policy development
  • Forensic accounting of asset lifecycles and financial statements
  • Account coding design or optimization that supports variance analysis
  • Asset continuity schedules and rate grouping

With Lonewolf Consulting’s support, you will have transparent and effective costing systems that empower your people to make data-driven decisions.

Manage Fleet Age

No matter whether you view equipment as an investment that must produce a return or a means to an end in the production of revenue – it is critical to manage the age of your equipment fleet in a way that supports your operation.

At Lonewolf, we don’t just understand this importance; we specialize in the art of strategic management, ensuring every facet of your fleet aligns seamlessly with your operational objectives. From the blueprint of capital expenditure plans to the finesse of remarketing and disposal, our suite of services is tailored to elevate your equipment fleet management to the next level.

Some of our services include:

  • Capital expenditure plans & programs
  • Fleet right-sizing
  • Own/lease/rent decisions
  • Lifecycle training
  • Rebuild & componentization programs
  • Remarketing & disposal

With Lonewolf, your equipment fleet isn’t just managed, it’s strategically optimized to support and enhance your operation and your bottom line.


Adrift in a sea of metrics?  We cut through the noise and hone in on the KPIs that hold the greatest significance for your business.

At Lonewolf we are the compass to guide and steer you through this seemingly endless expanse of data, bringing clarity to the KPIs that truly make a difference.

Unlike other consultants or organizations who advocate for layering on more metrics, our approach is refreshingly different.  Our mission is to simplify and revolutionize decision-making by leveraging proven KPIs from numerous industries, ensuring unparalleled results. 

Our services include:

  • Metric vs. KPI training
  • KPI review & development
  • Dashboard design
  • Trending & benchmarking

If you are ready to embrace a radical shift in your KPI strategy, we guarantee a spotlight on the metrics that will propel your business to new heights.

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