reduce overspending on aging or unreliable equipment.

We advance the management and integration of mobile equipment assets with people, processes and systems.

And we have the expertise and experience to guarantee results.

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Equipment Masters Training Course


Here's how we'll reign in your overspending on equipment.

Know your costs

We can assess and overhaul your equipment accounting including rate grouping, commoditization of spend and vendor management, plus training on equipment lifecycles.

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Stop it FROM Breaking

Work order system assessment including benchmarking and system optimization.

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Keep it from bReaking

Reconfigure systems and processes with a focus on fundamentals across operations, accounting and equipment.

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Manage Fleet Age

Fleet right-sizing and lifecycle training including repair/ replace decisions, business case support, etc.

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We help companies to align with the teachings of Mike Vorster from CEMP Central.


Craig Gramlich


We bring deep expertise to pinpoint and close the gaps between your business’s key areas. Led by 20-year industry veteran Craig Gramlich, our team is comprised solely of operations experts, equipment experts and accounting experts.

Working with Lonewolf was an absolute blast!! There are so few people out there who have both field and office experience like Craig does. We collaborated closely to create a new tool for our estimating team that has been a ‘game-changer’ for us. It not only enhanced our bidding process and cost controls with more precise labour, equipment, and rentals rates but it also gave us the ability to produce GANTT charts of our crews without the need for complex tools like Primavera. Craig is the ‘get-shit-done’ guy and I can’t wait to team-up with Lonewolf again.

Kevin Mather, President


Craig ranks among the top people I have ever worked with. His attention to safety, detail and careful planning has helped implement steady, positive change in our organization that was well received by our staff. Craig and I worked closely to improve various aspects of our company’s procurement and systems ultimately increasing our productivity and profitability.

Joel Bastarache, Warehouse Manager


Craig was a joy to work with. He improved our internal processes and procedures while uplifting those around him to do the same. Craig not only brought out the best in our team, he also recognized untapped potential we had overlooked in our people and helped us to kick-start the development of future leaders that our organization so desperately needed.

Karl Beck, Technical Solutions Architect

Spaulding Ridge

Lonewolf exceeded my expectations. Craig was a wealth of knowledge, his insights ensured our team had deeper discussions that were layered with multiple viewpoints we had overlooked from other levels of our organization. Ultimately it was his candid inclusion of our field personnel that re-shaped our reasons for change.

Nathan Klooster, Senior Planner, Asset and Equipment

Redpath Canada Limited

Craig has a great attitude and is a natural coach and teacher. He was able to cover some very technical subject matter in a memorable way—he was a clear, respectful, and patient communicator who used just the right amount of humour. Definitely not your typical consultant.

Tamara Hauglum, VP Finance


By having Craig work alongside our team to coach and guide, I noticed a significant acceleration of the teams’ technical knowledge.

Sergio Patino, CFO

Redpath Americas
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We are transformational as opposed to transactional. We accomplish more with less. By having subject matter expertise across three key decision-making areas we go further, faster and deeper than other consultants.




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